HCPD Equipment & Training

HCPD Equipment & Training

The Howard County Police Foundation provides seed money for public safety projects not possible under Howard County Police Department’s budget.

Electronic Storage Device Detection (ESD) K-9

The Police Foundation purchased equipment needed to support HCPD’s new ESD K-9.  The ESD K-9 is utilized to assist detectives during search and seizure warrants in critical investigations where electronic storage devices need to be recovered.

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Exercise Equipment

The Police Foundation assisted with the purchase of exercise equipment for the Howard County Police Department gyms at Northern District, Southern District, and the Special Operations Tactical Section Building. 

Camera & Video Equipment

The Police Foundation purchased cameras and other video equipment for HCPD’s Public Information Office, giving them the ability to produce high quality messaging to communicate and keep the citizens of Howard County informed about events occurring in their communities.

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A group of people observing a drone soar through the sky, utilizing HCPD Equipment.

Drone Program

The Police Foundation assisted with the purchase of equipment for the launch of the Howard County Police Department’s drone program.

Shield Trauma Kits

The Police Foundation purchased trauma kits for detectives operating in a cover capacity.  The trauma kits are small enough to be worn in a pocket and contains quick clot, a secondary tourniquet, gloves, occlusive dressing and tape to secure.

A bag with a measuring tape that is used for HCPD equipment & training.

Vehicle Wraps for Youth Program Van & Trailer

The Police Foundation provided all the funding for this project.

Berla Traffic iVe Ecosystem Software

The Police Foundation purchased this crash data collection tool that supports HCPD traffic investigators with the entire vehicle collision forensics process.

A motorcycle parked in a parking lot, possibly belonging to HCPD.

Electric Vehicles

The Police Foundation purchased several electric vehicles used to patrol Howard County Pathways.

Trailer for HCPD Motorcyles

The Police Foundation purchased a trailer for transporting the HCPD Traffic Section’s motorcycles to training schools and other events.

A black enclosed cargo trailer with HCPD Equipment in a parking lot.
A man utilizing HCPD equipment and training to read a book to children in a classroom.

Head Start Program

The Police Foundation purchased educational supplies for the Howard County Police Department and the Head Start Services to distribute to preschool-aged children.

Refrigerators at Northern & Southern District

To support HCPD’s wellness initiatives, the Police Foundation purchased refrigerators for Northern and Southern District, providing locations for officers to store healthier choice foods for meals during their shifts.

Police Officer Training

The Police Foundation funds training to enhance HCPD officer skills in areas such as professional development, leadership, criminal investigations, and defensive tactics.

New Police Badges

In 2016, HCPD designed a new police badge for its officers.  The Police Foundation provided the funding for each officer to receive their first newly designed badge.

FLIR Theramal Monocular Unit

The Police Foundation purchased Night Vision Equipment for HCPD’s K-9 Unit

Trail Cameras

Cameras for community pathways and other areas of need.

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