BearTrax Summer Camp

Howard County Police youth programs trailer

BearTrax is an overnight camp and mentorship program that is designed to enhance relationships between police officers and youth and provides role models that help a child develop socially and emotionally.  Officers help kids learn to understand and communicate their feelings, to relate to their peers, and to develop positive relationships with other adults.

Building Self-Confidence & Social Skills

Through the BearTrax Camp, officers attempt to instill children with a healthy sense of importance and self-confidence.  They will be taught communication skills, conflict management, and a sense of respect for others. 
The Camp will reinforce important social lessons, where entertaining activities will be used to focus on topics such as physical fitness, bullying, anger management, personal safety, peer pressure, team building, character building, and community services.
A BearTrax van parked in front of a sign.

School administrators will continue to be the primary source for identifying students who would most benefit from the BearTrax Camp and who are transitioning from elementary school to middle school

A group of adventurous kids embracing their BearTrax spirit as they fearlessly climb a wooden wall amidst the enchanting woods.
A group of BearTrax people posing for a photo.