Collision Avoidance Training

Collision Avoidance Training (CAT)

An advanced defensive driving and vehicle control program for licensed teenage drivers ages 16-20 years old.  The one-day program (8.5 hours) is designed to provide young drivers with the knowledge and understanding of vehicle dynamics.

A man undergoing Collision Avoidance Training (CAT) while driving a car with his hands on the steering wheel.
A white car undergoing Collision Avoidance Training (CAT) by driving around cones in a parking lot.

Classroom & Behind-the-Wheel Training

The first section of the program is devoted to two (2) hours of classroom instruction.  This session gives students a better understanding of why the vehicle responds the way it does and prepares the students for the behind-the-wheel exercises on the driving course.

The second section consists of six and a half (6.5) hours of behind-the-wheel training.  This course provides practical exercises that demonstrate how the vehicle response in a given situation and how to regain control of the vehicle.  The driving skills addressed in the program are: evasive maneuvers, threshold/emergency braking, forward serpentine, cornering, backing, reverse serpentine, and skid and off-road recovery.

Safety Inspection of Student's Vehicle

During the behind-the-wheel training, students operate their own vehicles.  Prior to the start of the training, each vehicle is inspected by an instructor to ensure that the vehicle is in good operational condition.  Then each student, accompanied by an instructor (Howard County Police Officer), begins practicing the different driving skills/maneuvers. 

Each student must successfully complete each driving skill/maneuver in order to receive a certificate of completion.  If the student does not satisfactorily complete the course, they are given the option of coming to another session for no additional cost.

A man is filling up a car at a gas station while receiving Collision Avoidance Training (CAT).

The cost of the program is $95 and registration must be done in advance.

Contact the CAT Program at 410-313-2207 or at

2024 CAT Classes:

April 20th, May 11th, June 8th, July 27th,

Aug. 24th, Sept. 21st, Oct. 12th, Nov 2nd, & Dec. 14th